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Sunday, February 19, 2017

During the early morning and evening hours, trails are somewhat icy fast to regular with a solid base. There is still snow at Black Mountain currently. Temperatures in the 40s during the day cause the trails to be soft, but still ok for classic skiing, and some areas of the system are still good for skate skiing. Rain is predicted for Monday night into Tuesday, so conditions could deteriorate, so get out and ski before that! Let's hope the rain passes Black Mountain by.

Jim Soubly

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trail conditions are great, groomed for classic and skate skiing throughout the system. A solid base with fresh snow from this past week make for excellent current conditions. Weather is predicted to moderate for this weekend with highs in the 40s, so wax skis appropriately, or come make a morning ski before temperatures get above freezing, or a night ski with headlamps! The setting is beautiful at Black Mt!

Jim Soubly

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trails were freshly groomed on Friday by members of the Black Mountain Nordic Ski Club. All parking lots are clear, and the new snow with the hard base makes for top notch skiing conditions. The extensive classic and skate skiing trail system has maps and donation information for the non-profit private grooming club at each of the four trail head parking lots. Please check those out when you come out to ski this superb system through hardwoods and pine forests. All trails are marked with mileage segments, rated novice through intermediate and advanced sections. Come out and enjoy this beautiful system of trails!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Light snow has fallen over groomed trails, cushioning the ice layer that forms part of the base here at Black Mountain. Skiing conditions are excellent, the groomed trails are smooth for classic skiing, and the skate trails have an inch or so of light snow on top of the solid base.

More light snow is in the forecast for Friday, so weekend ski conditions should continue to be excellent. The groomed trails in this extensive system are yielding current superb conditions to get outdoors and enjoy Black Mountain!

Jim Soubly

Friday, February 3, 2017

Almost the entire system has been freshly groomed this week, including the designated skate trail, as well as the network of classic and skate combination trails. There is a solid base with a few inches of lake effect snow that has been groomed. Conditions are excellent, with below freezing temperatures predicted for this weekend and the coming week. Snow showers in the forecast, and no appreciable new snow is in the forecast through the middle of next week. Come out and enjoy the excellent work by the volunteer trail groomers as well as the superb current conditions!

Jim Soubly

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Black Mountain has a solid base of snow with about two inches of lake effect snow on top, making for very good classic skiing throughout the entire system. There is not enough snow for mechanical grooming at this time, but skate skiing is also very good, especially on the designated skate trail which has been groomed for that purpose. The trails are optimally not slow nor icy, but smooth. Many classic skiers have smoothed the grooves for classic skiing.

The weather calls for snow showers and possibly some lake effect over the next week, with temperatures below freezing, making for excellent skiing conditions.

As of Tuesday, January 31, there was no new logging activity, and the new snows have eliminated almost all of the twig and leaf debris, making for a very enjoyable skiing experience. Fresh animal tracks containing a plethora of new mammal activity, including coyote, deer, fox and other small mammals, exist throughout the system.

Jim Soubly

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The trail system received new snow of a few inches on Wednesday night, and the trails were groomed for both classic and skate skiing on Thursday. The snow base is solid, and skiing conditions are currently top notch. The forecast through the weekend is for cloudy days with highs in the twenties. This should keep the trails in optimal groomed conditions through the weekend, for probably the best skiing of the season so far. New donation envelopes to help support the Black Mountain Nordic Ski Club's volunteer efforts to groom and maintain these trails throughout the season are at each of the four parking lot trailheads. If you are a user of the trail system and have not yet donated, please consider doing so to help continue the excellent trail maintenance and grooming efforts. Maps and newsletter information are included at the trailheads, with information about this year's March Into Madness cross country race the first weekend in March.

Jim Soubly