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Friday, March 16, 2018

Black Mountain's entire system was freshly groomed for classic and skate skiing on Friday, March 16, and has excellent conditions for skiing throughout. There is a solid base, and high temperatures are predicted in the mid 30s this weekend and highs in the 20s through next week, so skiing conditions should hold in the excellent range.There is virtually no leaf litter throughout the system. Wildlife tracks and activity are on the increase. Black Mountain has deer, coyote, fox and many different small mammals throughout the system. Beautiful vistas on ridges overlook Lake Huron and Black Lake. Several different evergreen species as well as mixed conifers and hardwoods exist within the system. There are over 30 kilometers of trails. Get out and enjoy the superb conditions before spring weather arrives for good. 

Thanks again to the efforts and extensive time of our Black Mountain Nordic Ski club groomers, especially to Al, Denny, Jim M and John G, for creating the current super skiing!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Classic skiers have been out at the mountain breaking trail, and have laid down a good base of classic ski tracks throughout the system. There is six or more inches of snow on all parts of the system. Denny expertly has also groomed the more challenging "beast" section of the system, with excellent classic and skate skiing available. The weather is calling for temperatures near freezing and snow showers for the next several days. There is a possible warm up predicted for next weekend, so use the extra daylight hours and get out to the mountain this week and take advantage of some good skiing!

Friday, March 9, 2018

About six inches of new snow has fallen at the Mountain, giving skiers some skiing. The trails are too soft currently for grooming, but classic skiing is possible. There is ice underneath the snow, so be careful in spots, but otherwise the conditions are pretty good for classic skiing where prior skiers have cut trails. Should be a good weekend of skiing if conditions stay below freezing. No new significant snow is predicted, and temperatures are predicted just under freezing. Come enjoy the beautiful Black Mountain Recreation Area.

Congratulations to the forty some skiers who braved the mountain last weekend for a 20km skate race! Thanks to all the volunteers from registration to the road crossings to the shovelers who prepared the event, to the entertainment at the Bluffs restaurant, and to Andy Liebner, winner of the event, who also offered tours at his Ski Pole warehouse in the afternoon.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A few inches of new light snow has fallen over the entire system on top of a solid base. Fresh grooming was completed Sunday, February 11, for both skate and classic skiing - the tracks and rolled areas are in superb top of the line conditions! Thanks to Jim M and Denny P for their expert grooming. Lots of skiers were out this past weekend, and conditions should hold for some great skiing this week. The conditions are currently the best of the season with virtually no leaf litter at the moment. Don't forget about the upcoming Michigan Cup event this year on March 3 and 4 at Black Mountain! Join the competition, or sign up for the shorter untimed tour ski, or sign up to volunteer, or head out to watch the event! To sign up to volunteer, just email Jim Soubly.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Several inches of new snow on top of lake effect snows of the previous week, have coated Black Mountain. The entire system was groomed for both skate and classic skiing on Saturday, with excellent current conditions. Leaf litter has been buried by the snow, and this may be the best skiing of the season yet. Weather is predicting very cold temperatures, so groomed trails should stay in great shape all week. Come out and take advantage of the great skiing at Black Mountain.

Due diligence during the week by our members, please, to keep an eye out for a truck that has been using snowmobile trails in the lower/northern P.I. area to access a couple of the ski trails. I have seen fresh truck tracks twice during the week, presumably in the early morning, so please be on the lookout and report any sightings to the DNR.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Several inches of fresh snow has fallen at Black Mountain, and the system was groomed for classic and skate skiing this morning (Friday, Feb 2). Temperatures are to remain well below freezing, so come out and look for the ground hog while skiing. Current conditions are very good. More snow is expected on Saturday.

Friday, January 26, 2018

A solid base from past grooming has held up on Black Mountain, despite rain and ice. Currently a couple inches of snow has blanketed the system, most with a thin layer of ice mixed in. There is not enough snow and too much ice for fresh grooming, but skiing still exists at Black Mountain. Most leaf litter is gone or buried, so for those who don't mind skiing without deep groomed tracks, it is very good. Watch for fluctuating temperatures, as the moderating temperatures can cause existing tracks to become very fast when melting snow refreezes as temperatures decline. Weather is calling for a warm Saturday, followed by declining temperatures. Snow base will most likely hold up through the week, even with no additional snow expected. Enjoy skiing at Black Mountain!

Added note: Reminder of our pre-event Black Mountain Nordic Ski Club meeting this Thursday, February 1, at 6pm at the Bluffs Restaurant. See you there!