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Friday, March 9, 2012

Grooming Update

Upon his return home Jim filed the following report on the trails of Black Mtn.
It was another effort above and beyond by Jim.  The report follows for those not on Jim,s email list.

Another interesting day on the wind blown trails today--
As always, starting out from the Bluffs--the whole Bluffs loop is devastation, just trashed with all the downed limbs & tree trash littered everywhere, with the low flats side being the worst by far.
Anyone interested in a "best ski" opportunity for Saturday a.m. should definitely just go to Top 0' the Mtn parking lot on County Line Rd, where I worked on those upper trails for 6 hrs picking up & digging out frozen down limbs & loose smaller trash. Did not even go down the hill turnouts after seeing downed trees across the trail on one of them. I did that upper triangle of trails across the road on the PI side, plus the roller coaster loop which was left looking best of all, leaving nothing bigger than a pencil. That is, until next lap around with the groomer, found more dead limbs were blowing out of the trees behind me to pick on the way around again, and again.
Anyway, after several leveling trips around with the cutters fully down breaking up the icy surface mixing in snow beneath, I set tracks around everything up there on the side of a skate lane on the final trip around. Wind will have surely brought more junk down, but things looked pretty decent on that upper section when I left this afternoon.
Best opp looks like Saturday a.m. thru mid-day, when temps will be on the rise above freezing by then.
Somebody had hiked around up there, post-holing around in warmer temps leaving foot tracks that took extra work to cover. The word is "SKI trail", right? Soon anyone can hike where they want out there, but please....spare any skiing surface, whatever is left.
Beyond tomorrow, with continued warm temps, all is up for grabs day to day now.
I would not even bother trying to ski other areas of the trails from other parking lots, with so much litter of broken limbs &  deadwood lying about....way more than one person can deal with.
The focus will soon shift to the major cleanup operation after snow is gone, hopefully we can pursue Parks & Rec for some kind of help with equipment....more on that later.
          Go ski if you will, time is running out.........Jim

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