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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trail Update

Yesterday ( March 5 ) following a major dumping of heavy wet snow, Jim, Tom & Gloria headed out to see what could be done to get some of the trails on the Presque Isle side skiable.  We knew there would be trees across the trail, but were a little surprised to find trees on the Cheboygan side that had come down after the race.

Our route started at the Bluffs parking lot.  So we went from post 31 to 32, on up to 27 and headed right passing the Cheboygan Shelter going to 22.  Then right to 23 and 24 avoiding the hill turnouts and on to 19.  Stopping before 19 to remove 2 tress, we noticed the Black Blazer was smelling hot, like burnt rubber.  We headed for the upper parking lot and there Jim crawled under the Blazer and found what looked like a large diameter vacuum hose contacting the exhaust pipe.  We a decided this is a good place to leave the Black Blazer and roller and we all piled into the Blue Blazer and headed out, leaving the groomer behind.  We went from post 18 to 16 then left to 15 and on to 14 then 13 and looped back to 14, 15 and then 17.  Many stops to remove trees from the trail.  Did that route again with out the groomer.  Then hooked the groomer back up and went around twice.  Got stuck trying to make the sharp turn at 16.
The snow was actually waist deep there.

So all along the above route there should be good skiing.  The Cheboygan side were the race course was on Saturday should also be ok.

Too warm to groom the next few days.  But cool mornings should be great on the mentioned areas.

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work Tom, Gloria and Jim! It was a beautiful "Black and Blue" day a Black mtn for sure, and a challenge with all that snow. Hope we can hold it for a little longer!