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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grooming Update

Well the amount of snow we found was.....a disappointment.
If you look at the picture of the snow you see that after the roller went over the trail the unpacked snow along side was only about 1 inch above the compacted area.

So today we ran a roller and the Groomer over several miles of trail. We did not set any tracks due to the light snow cover in most areas.
We went from the Bluffs parking lot up to the parking lot on County Line Road . From there we went out to the loopies at markers 13 & 14 then down to 11 and onto 12 at the Presque Isle shelter then back to the parking lot ( 16 to 18 ).
You can ski about any where you want to with the way the snow is right now.
We saw 7 skiers out there this afternoon.
We may go back out tomorrow, hopefully some of the snow they are calling for will land on the trail.

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