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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grooming Update

Jim was out last night grooming and reports:

Last night 10:00 p.m., finished 5 hrs regrooming 1.5 inches that fell over Tuesday night with light LE snow falling the whole while, doing 12 miles of trail x 2 laps  combed for skating.
Included down/back to the North parking lot near Twin Lakes, the whole upper trails across County Line including the rollercoasters, down around the Presque Isle shelter, across to the East side & back up to the rollercoasters again.
Did not go down around the South Presque Isle end over the wooden bridge, will catch that next, probably set a track
Things were looking great for good skating. Just on the edge of being able to set tracks everywhere, but not quite in a few spots, so didn't take a chance stirring up any dirt.
About the same time I was wrapping it up back at the Bluffs yard, heavy snow started falling, increasing to the point I could hardly see the road on the way home. Great....We want snow--fine, deal with it.
I held off yesterday to go out late since it was very cold for skiing anyway, hoping to catch what had fallen during the day and have nice trail conditons for this a.m.
Not sure how much fell after I left Black Mtn, around 10:00 p.m. but we have another inch swirling around out here this a.m.
NOAA weather outlook shows we should have good tracks set for the weekend skiers not gone to the Noquemanon at Marquette.

We had 2 -3 inches overnight here on the shoreline of Lake Huron.  Weatherunderground is calling for more snow Friday afternoon/evening.

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