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Friday, January 4, 2013

Plan for Saturday

This Saturday a platoon of volunteers will be hitting the trails on Black Mountain.
They will be working on getting all of the bent over trees that are over the trails.
The goal is to have all 4 of the parking lots connected for classic skiing by Sunday. Skate skiers will have a fair amount of trails to ski as well as the extra pass over the trails are made.

The biggest obstacle to having the entire system groomed is the swampy area on the Presque Isle side done. We can't get through with a groomer yet. The plan is to poke some holes through the slush and get water on top so that it can freeze over and firm things up a little quicker.

The Presque Isle County seems to have the deeper snow cover right now.

If you are skiing on Saturday be alert to people and groomers being on the trails. Be extra cautious on the hill turnouts.

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