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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Skiing Conditions Today

Hello Everyone,

Denny Paull was out skiing early this morning and had the following comments about the experience;

 I skate skied from the upper Presque Isle parking lot this morning. About 1" of new snow over wide trails with overall good coverage. The trails that Jim and I touched up along the East (Lake Huron) side of the trail system were excellent for skating with good ski edging and coverage. The other sections that we did not go over with the groomer were decent but sometimes hard to get a good edge on because of the ice underneith. Thanks goodness we touched up the rollercoaster loop as it would have been unskiable otherwise.
So there you have it.  Get out and ski.  If we get the predicted couple of inches of new snow in the next few days conditions will improve.

A group of us meet last night at the 211 and a very good meeting.  There were a lot of people stepping up to take on responsibilities for various task.  Things are looking up,  if we could only somehow get more snow.

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