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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tracks are set.

Jim pulled a midnight shift and reported the following:

Got all four parking lots tied together, 3 of them with tracks set. On the return coming back from the north parking lot, tried setting track but I was hitting dirt, so had to raise the tracksetter. Also did not try setting track on the rollercoasters for the same reason, but looks to be a pretty good skate. Trying to preserve those hills with the warm spell coming up by Monday.
Track is set around the Top triangle, down around the lower PI swamp, over the bridge, into the parking lot, back up the E. side to #6,  across to #7, back to the PI Shelter & back up to 16. I forgot to go across to the E. side again from the Shelter to get the second pass combed back to the rollercoasters. By then I wasn't sure what day it was, having trouble keeping my eyes open, lost track of reality.
 When setting track, I didn't look back to see what things looked like behind the tracksetter.
Skiing can be found from any parking lot in one form or another. It stayed 15 above most of the night.

To be able to groom the other trail sections is going to require some help getting the trees off the trail.
Hopefully we can get that accomplished so we can groom the full system.

The system snow that came through was just about snowed out by the time it crossed over the northeastern edge of Michigan.  We have another chance of snow Sunday night  into Monday morning, but then it warms up.  We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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