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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lets try this again

Well today (Wednesday) 4 went back to the 10K skate trail for another go at getting it ready for race day. Today things are a little different.
2 of the players are different and it's daylight hours.
We did a lap around with a roller on each truck. We still struggled to get up the last 2 really steep hills. Spinning our way up left ruts in the trail on the hill. Not cool. When we got to the end of the circuit we turned the trucks around and went over the course in the opposite direction.
When we reached the crest of the two steeper hills we groomed over the ruts by hand with shovels. Then we went very slowly and deliberately down the hills with the rollers to pack down our handy work.
After that we went back to the Bluffs and exchanged rollers for groomers and groomed the normal trails on the Cheboygan side and some of the PI county side. On the PI side we did 18 to 16, out to 13 and then picked up the roller coasters at 14 and then back to the upper parking lot.
On the Cheboygan side the outer loop was done and the tour cut off (15 to 17 - 18) was done. All 4 black diamond hill turnouts were also done.
6 hour session. We will be watching the weather for an other opportunity to groom for the coming weekend.
See the pics below from today's effort.

There may be a video of the 10k skate course in the very near future. Stay tuned right here.

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