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Friday, February 7, 2014

Current Conditions

Jim & Bill were out grooming today and filed the following report.

Hauled Blue back out for duty today with new posi-trac rear differential & new front CV axle shaft.
Bill & I met at 1:00 p.m., groomed the entire outer loop in tandem,  including the 4 black diamond cutouts without a hiccup, plus the upper triangle flats, getting as much trail width as possible, knocking down some of the banks in the process.. I staggered behind, resetting track on the right with Frankenstein. Trail surface has firmed up alot since the other day. Skate lanes would benefit from another complete go-around, but rather than over-groom, things seem to be quite skiable in most places I looked behind to check.
Worst thing about today in the wind was all the dead leaves that blew out of the trees scattered all over the trails, into the set tracks etc..
Bill in the lead groomer jumped out alot to remove wind-blown limbs  off the trails.
Whoever knocked down the road crossing berms.....Thank You!
Both rigs pulled strong, using cutters on Big Red & Frankenstein effectively enough without overloading the groomers.

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