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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mid-week update

Ski club meeting tonight at the Bluffs.

Race this Saturday and Sunday.

Jim was out last night grooming and filed this report.

We headed out for the Skate Trail with both groomers with new aggressive cutter attachemts employed, which we used heavily to do alot of leveling & widening the Skate Trail course. Took out some of the worst slappers on the way around, knocked down the road crossings better.
Still no plowing of parking lots have been done, which has been a real pain for people without 4WD trying to get in to ski.
I believe after a couple more leveling go-arounds , the skate trail should be in good shape for Sunday's race. We filled in alot of depressions & things look alot more level. We did two laps around---one lap going opposite direction than the other to better cover both sides of the hills.
Denny was out on the lake with his Bearcat trying to level frozen ruts made by 'bilers during the thaw. He looked pretty frosty compared to John & I, who made two passes over the ramp loop down to the lake on our way by with both groomers with heated cockpits.
We chewed the drifted trail level & reset track going back to the Bluffs, barely got a bowl of chili before they closed at 8:00 p.m.

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