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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Bill & I started at 8:00 a.m. today, groomed the outer loop.....mostly skate lanes on Presque Isle side, the inch of new snow while early & cold wasn't enough to set decent track into the underlying icy hardpack so I gave up on that part.
Later, making another pass thru to complete the upper triangle I did set a track which started working better. Back across the road onto Cheboygan side trails, continued setting track the rest of the way.
At Twin Lakes parking lot, we went back to groom the Skate Trail. From what I saw, it looks the best so far now that'we've got to do more leveling each time around.
Aside from the Skate Trail, Presque isle trails are best to skate with no tracks set on the outer loop.
Cheboygan side should be good for either.
Bluffs gas pump is misbehaving, so we didn't get to gas the rigs back up after finishing.
Saw signs of only 4 skiers all day out there.....wonder where everyone is, after spending that many hours & alot fuel doing the grooming. There were no visible signs of anyone having skied out there since I groomed Wednesday.
So we wonder if all the hours & fuel $$ being spent is worth the effort at this point?


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