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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Grooming Effort

Went out from the Bluffs this a.m., covered those predicted areas mentioned in last night's "What if" tentative report for this a.m.
However, was not able to reset new tracks, so it is just skate lanes that are refreshed with no new tracks set.
Last grooming was this past Wednesday. This a.m., there were no visible signs of anyone having skied classic or skated since then. There were no pole plant impressions along the tracks I set on Wednesday. Nor were there any sign of anyone skatiing since.
So today those same areas have refreshed combed surfaces, but with no new track set.
Had to stop constantly to knock ice balls out of the track drives even at 24 deg, due to yesterday's rain having saturated the trail base with rain water. Also stopped to pick up alot of new wind-blown limbs & tree trash.
Today may have been the last grooming, depending on what happens in the next couple of days.
The snow base is plenty deep, more than I've seen in recent years. Being able to manage that depth in spring conditions in another thing ~
                           Observed several skiers out there enjoying their Spring skiing day.

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