Monday, March 4, 2019

Come out to Black Mountain and ski the best cross country system in the northern lower peninsula. Post race event skiing is often the best of the season, and this year proves that, with trails accommodating both skate and classic skiing. The temperatures are predicted to be well below freezing, so dress for the conditions and enjoy March skiing at its finest. The groomed trails are in top notch shape from the race event last weekend, and conditions should remain so for some time.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Black Mountain continues to have excellent groomed trails with a deep snow base, for both classic and skate skiing, throughout the system. A few inches of new snow has fallen on the groomed trails, but skiers have smoothed the trail system. There have been many skiers taking advantage of the moderating temperatures with highs in the high twenties to low thirties. Keep an eye on the weather, as a predicted storm will clip the area on Saturday night through Sunday that may impact the conditions. The groomed system should hold up well through the storm, barring a lot of snow falling. Predictions are some snow, some rain, which Black Mountain can easily handle.

Next week the temperatures are predicted to be lower, so skiing should be in good shape throughout the coming week.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Black Mountain has been groomed for both classic and skate skiing. The groomers were out today (Saturday) laying the classic tracks. With the deep snow base and great conditions, skiing is super for this weekend and into next week. Come out and enjoy the largest cross country skiing system in the northern lower michigan! Enjoy the views over Lake Huron and Black Lake, as well as the miles of evergreen woodlands. And don't forget to mark your calendar for the ski event of the year, March 2 and 3.

Friday, February 15, 2019

A terrific base for skiing has been rolled at Black Mountain. The entire system is packed with a deep snow depths. No classic tracks have been set yet, as snow conditions and winds are continually adding to the trails. There is a lot of snow, and groomers may be out this weekend to lay track if conditions are favorable. For now, there is great skiing conditions that should be around for quite some time, through the second half of February. The ski race event scheduled for March 2 and 3 looks very promising for the best conditions for optimal skiing. Check out details on the current newsletters located at the four trail head parking areas. Come out and ski Black Mountain in this winter wonderland, and register for the race event as a tour skier or a racer!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Several inches of new snow have fallen onto a solid base, giving Black Mountain excellent skiing conditions. Groomers were out on Wednesday and have groomed a large part of the system for both skate and classic skiing. A few inches of lake effect snow are predicted, with temperatures in the teens. Additional grooming may be accomplished Friday or Saturday, so enjoy the skiing at Black Mountain, but keep an eye out for a grooming machine. The tracks on Wednesday were in great shape for classic skiing, and the rolled areas were solid and wide for skate skiing. This weekend should be terrific as well as into next week, as temperatures are predicted to remain below freezing in the teens and twenties.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Lots of snow with moderating temperatures near freezing have made for excellent skiing out at Black Mountain. The freezing rain has held off, and plenty of skiers were enjoying the system on Super Bowl weekend. Many sections of the system are groomed for classic and skate skiing. There are some links that have huge drifts over the trails, but skiers can easily avoid these sections. Groomers are hoping to get out again on Tuesday and clean up some of the areas in need. Freezing rain is predicted for Monday, but the system should hold up well, barring a major rainstorm. The rest of this week looks good for ski conditions out at Black Mountain, as the temperatures are predicted again to drop well below freezing. Watch the current weather conditions, as things can always change, but the groomed trails should be good for awhile. Get out and ski Black Mountain, one of the largest and best trail systems in northern Michigan.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Well over a foot of new fresh snow has fallen in the past few days at Black Mountain. The system was groomed for both skate and classic skiing today (Friday) so is in great shape for weekend skiing. Conditions should hold for quite awhile with temperatures in the teens and single digits predicted. There may be some new snow next week. So dress for the temperatures and enjoy the best skiing of the year so far at Black Mountain. Beautiful trails and forests to enjoy. Look for wildlife tracks in the deep snows, view Lake Huron or Black Lake from scenic overlooks, and ski the extensive trail system, one of the largest in lower Northern Michigan. All four trail head parking lots are plowed and newsletters with envelopes for donations to the awesome Black Mountain Nordic Ski Club that keep these trails in tip top shape are available in the parking lots. Please help this club's equipment rigs and maintenance costs with a donation when you are out on the trails! The core group of groomer volunteers spend hours and hours devoted to making this a great place to ski. Thanks in advance!